Know the Board of Directors of Love To Grow On’s Child Care Centers

Love To Grow On Leadership

As a charitable 501(c)3 corporation, Love To Grow On is overseen by a dedicated volunteer board of directors. The board is committed to providing high quality early childhood education. The board is ultimately responsible for defining the organization’s mission, setting the organization’s strategic direction, and ensuring our fiscal and ethical integrity. The board provides direct oversight and direction for the executive director.

Our administrative team consists of Executive Director, Love To Grow On co-founder Linda Bartos King; Lexington Center Director, Kris Saburn; and Circle Pines Center Director, Jodie Bunish. The administrative team can be contacted at

Love To Grow On Board of Directors

Carol Koskinen, Board Chair

Mara O’Neill, Secretary

Susie Prunty

Cindy Saarela

Kathy Lerfald

Nancy Kopesky

Susan Carlson

Mary Lynn Carlson


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