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We are blessed to have a mix of veteran staff who share their experience and wisdom and new teachers who bring a fresh stone soup 020 perspective to Love To Grow On. All of our teachers meet or surpass licensing requirements. Love To Grow On is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Our Love To Grow On Child Development Centers have the highest possible Four Star Parent Aware Rating. Centers are rated from one to four stars. At each level, quality indicators are measured in four key areas: Physical Health and Well-Being, Teaching and Relationships, Assessment of Child Progress, and Teacher Training and Education.


Circle Pines at 10101 Lexington Avenue, Circle Pines, MN 55014

Love to grow on opened our Circle Pines Child Development Center, housed in Living Faith Church, on May 3 1999. Our classrooms in the Circle Pines center include Seedlings (infants), Sprouts (toddlers), Sonflower Room (preschool), Sonshine Room (pre-K), and God’s Garden (school age program). The Circle Pines location is licensed for 103 children from six weeks through age 12.

Phone: (763)792-4428



Lexington at 9012 Griggs Avenue, Lexington, MN 55014

Love to grow on open our Lexington Child Development Center on Feb 2 2009. Our classrooms in our Lexington center include Bambinos (infants), Waddlers (older infants), Sonshine Room (toddlers), Seasons Room (preschool), and the Reflections Room (pre-K). The Lexington location is licensed for 74 children from six weeks through pre-K.

Phone: (763)792-9273

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Circle Pines Center10101 Lexington Ave. Circle Pines, MN 55014 Phone: (763)792-4428

Parent Aware

Lexington Center9012 Griggs Ave. Lexington, MN 55014
Phone: (763)792-9273