Love To Grow On Core Values


Our teachers created our Core Values as a collaborative commitment to the children of Love To Grow On. 

We Believe Children Have 100 Languages

Therefore, we will:

  • Listen to their words and actions                                                                           
  • Document and record their interests, thoughts, and learning journeys
  • Provide tools, materials, and varied experiences for optimum learning
  • Let children’s ideas guide our curriculum
  • Allow children to find their voice
  • Introduce children to a variety of ways to express themselves through art, dance, music, and drama
  • Teach children to celebrate the process over the product

We Believe Children Need Strong Role Models and Encouragement

Therefore we will:

  • Respect children’s abilities
  • Model the joy of learning through exploring, researching, and taking risks.
  • Promote self-confidence.
  • Support children and offer encouragement.
  • Give children the tools to problem solve.
  • Teach responsibility.
  • Model empathy.
  • Practice forgiveness.

We believe in developing trusting, respectful relationships between teachers, parents, and children.

Therefore we will:

  • “Be there” for children.
  • Be reliable.
  • Create safe environments where children feel comfortable and loved.
  • Allow for individual growth and development.
  • Accept and encourage each child’s unique qualities.
  • Positively and warmly welcome all parents.
  • Collaborate with and support families, providing parenting classes and opportunities to come together.
  • Be respectful of all cultures, parents’ choices, and be sensitive to family issues.
  • Give children the right to make choices.
  • Lovingly provide appropriate nurturing physical touch.

We believe in creating positive childhood memories and revisiting past experiences.

Therefore we will:

  • Teach children to cherish and preserve nature.
  • Introduce children to the wonders found in gardening.
  • Foster children’s imaginations and discovery.
  • Promote outside play and physical activity.
  • Supply open-ended materials for exploration.
  • Engage in creative, fun activities.
  • Encourage energetic and messy play.
  • Laugh, giggle, and be silly.
  • Dig in the dirt, splash in puddles, and make mud pies.

We believe we can make a difference.

Therefore we will:    

  • Offer children unconditional love.
  • Respect nature and the beauty around us.
  • Teach and model compassion.
  • Instill in children the knowledge that they can create change.        
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